The Life is Fair Foundation is a network of successful individuals who are willing to dedicate some of their time to helping people who need guidance, those who have not yet found a purpose, especially those who need hope.

They are our Natural Coaches, and this is their way of Giving Back to the World.

Those we will help will then Pay it Forward by becoming part of the Volunteers Program, and hopefully, one day, part of the Natural Coaches Program.

Both networks of Coaches and Volunteers are private. And one can choose the way he or she wishes to be contacted, and how they wish to contribute.

Our goal is to also offer sessions and seminars, and design programs to be offered to those in need to learn about the Secrets of Success, and Living with Passion.

We will be primarily funded by income from sales of the book “Life is Fair” by Charbel Khoury. Click here to visit the book’s Facebook page.

If you’d like to be part of the Natural Coaches Network, Click here to register.

If you’re in need of guidance you may ask for a Natural Coach by Clicking here.

The Natural Coaches Program badges:

– Supporter when they join

– Supporting Coach when they take on one case

– Contributing Coach when they take on three cases

– Senior Contributing Coach when they take on five cases or more

– After which the badge will be Senior Contributing Coach 12Φ (accompanied with the number of cases helped).


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